My News Report

Hello bloggers,

In term 3 we were working on making news repots about our school holidays. My news report is about my holidays and I chose one thing I did to report on. The thing I chose was bowling. The people I interviewed were Natasha, Gizelle and Kristy. The whole purpose of this activity was to learn how to write a script and to not just write a recount but to be creative. My News Report movie went for 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

From Wintana


Hello everyone,

Camp is just around the corner, it is this term and I can’t wait . I am soo excited because it is the first time ever I am going camping I am also a bit scared being away from my family. The level 4’s in my school are going.  My friends and I have been talking about it since the start of the year. The year 6’s went last year and have been telling me all about it I just can’t wait. Camp is for a day and a half but that’s ok I will still have a great time with all my friends.

From Wintana

Do you have camp at your school?
Have you ever been to camp with your family or friends?
What do you do when you go to camp?
Do you like camping?

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